• "CAN YOU DIG IT"? Heavy Equipment Operator Training! 3 Week Program. Bulldozers, Backhoes Excavators. Lifetime Job Placement Assistance with National Certifications. VA Benefits Eligible! 866-288-6896.

  • DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIED LINE ADS is Tuesday at Noon. Call Kay today, 910-754-6890.

  • ESCOD PARTY - Any person ever employed by Escod Ind. (That's still living) is invited to a party at the Calabash Fire Dept. Saturday May 9 at 7 Pm. There will be A charge of $10.00 per person, a barbecue meal will be served. Irene Mccracken, Joanne Williams will be singing Christmas Carols, Mr Bill Williams will be humming in the back ground. These old gal's are getting a little age on them now and they don't always know what season we are in. There is limited seating so come early. Please pass the word on a call some one let them know. If any single women are coming let me know and I will call Bobby Stevens and ask him to stay home so you can enjoy your evening. Irene Mccrackin - 843-249-3814 Joanne Williams - 843-347-6553 Bill Williams ( Don want to be bothered) Carlus Joe Phipps - 910-547-8086

  • HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY Martian Baby! Love from West Virginia!

  • SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. Unable to work? Denied benefits? We Can Help! WIN or Pay Nothing! Contact Bill Gordon & Associates at 1-800-371-1734 to start your application today!