‘Holy Scribbling’ is an excellent book

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To the editor:
I just bought two copies of Katherine Moore’s book, “Holy Scribbling,” at the book presentation meeting at the clubhouse at Brick Landing Plantation Golf Course and noticed Elsa Bonstein’s comments on the back cover page. Elsa’s comments were not adequate enough.
This whole, entire book was a wonderful display of words, while giving God all the respect and honor that he deserves. I have just read the entire book through and through from one poem to the next. They left me either with a phenomenal feeling of awe or played a major part in each of my thought patterns.
Katherine took each aspect of life and emphasized the importance of God’s will and love in each one of them. Where in the world did she come up with all of these great ideas, emotions and feelings?
I highly recommend and suggest this book be placed on each home’s bookshelf in Brunswick County. Better yet, the book should be placed in the hands of everyone so they can hold it closely to their heart after they read each poem and think about all of the meanings that may be implied.
I thank God for giving me access to the book to read with great pleasure and to appreciate in every essence.
I only have one criticism. “The Farewell” poem on page 120 should have been on the last page. An addition should be made. It would be a last sentence containing the following words: “while you wait for me to write my next moving poem.”
James Horn