4-H’ers meet real super heroes

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On Monday, July 16, the 4-H Clover-Buds, youth ages 5-8, met an array of real super heroes at a camp called “Real Super Heroes.”
Day-campers started out at the sheriff’s office, Sgt. Burt Reaves took them on a tour of the sheriff’s office, where they met chief deputy Charlie Miller and deputy Chris Powell with his bloodhound, Bonnie, used for searching for missing people.
The Junior Deputies received badges, a sheriff’s commemorative coin and goody bags from the sheriff’s office. The children were excited to meet Bonnie and enjoyed seeing the inside of a sheriff’s car.
They left the sheriff’s office and headed to Emergency Management Services were they were greeted by a Bolivia fire truck, an ambulance, a highway patrol car and a new Disaster Preparedness vehicle.
Campers were excited to explore all these vehicles and learn how each was used. They also learned the importance of knowing their address, parents’ names and how to dial 911.
Each camper took a turn making state patrol officer Mathew Strangman’s siren sound, too. Then they took a tour of the Emergency Management’s 911 center, led by deputy director Scott Garner and Brian Watts.
Leaving with more goody bags in hand, they returned to the Brunswick County Cooperative Extension and ate lunch and learned about Stranger Safety by watching “Safe Side Super Chick.” Little did they know there were more super heroes to meet.
Smokey the Bear made a surprise appearance, with his helper Forest Ranger Mike Malcolm. The campers were thrilled to hear about the importance of fire safety and learn that Smokey has his 64th birthday coming up.
After Smokey left, they were treated to a tour of the Wildlife Management Mobile Vehicle where wildlife specialist Jordan Miller and Bo Benton talked to them about the animals represented by the furs, skulls and tracks.
To learn more about Brunswick County 4-H and how to participate in activities like these, contact Blair Green, 4-H extension agent, at blair_wooten@ncsu.edu or Angie Lawrence, 4-H program assistant, at angie_lawrence@ncsu.edu. Call the Cooperative Extension office at 253-2610. Visit its website at http://brunswickco4h.shutterfly.com/ or blog at http://brunswick4h.wordpress.com.