Access Family Services seeks foster families

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Access Family Services is seeking foster parents and therapeutic foster parents.

Children are placed in foster care when their families are unable to provide basic safety and protection they require. In many cases, foster care provides a temporary safe place while issues within the child’s family are resolved.

Foster parents are couples or individuals who enjoy children and are willing to provide a safe, loving environment for kids who suffered neglect or abuse. North Carolina regulations require every foster family have valid foster parent license, which can be provided after training and other criteria are met.

The following requirements must be met to qualify to be a foster family:

•Are 21 years old or older;

•Have adequate space in the home for an additional child or additional children;

•Have a home environment that will pass a health, fire and safety inspection; and

•Have sufficient income to meet care requirements.

Foster parents receive monthly reimbursements for each foster child, which varies on the child’s level of care, and covers childcare related costs.

For more information about becoming a foster parent, call Jodi Mangum at 763-3166 (ext. 25).

Therapeutic foster care

The therapeutic foster care program provides natural home settings for children with emotional and behavioral problems. Some children have been removed from their homes to protect them from mistreatment.

The goal of therapeutic foster care is to ensure children have a stable and supportive home environment in their own community so they can receive the treatment they need to live happier and healthier lives.

Therapeutic foster parents receive extensive training and are assigned a children’s case manager, who will oversee the child’s treatment and are available to respond to any concerns that may arise.

A training class is scheduled for August for those who are interested in becoming a therapeutic foster parent. For more information, contact Mangum or Barbera Averitt at 763-3166 (ext. 25).