Adam Fulford wins Mini-Stock title

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Myrtle Beach Speedway crowned champions and ended its 2010 points season with exciting racing from all divisions Saturday.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series was the main featured event of the night with two 35-lap races. Jeremy McDowell won the pole, clocking in at 21.182 seconds, which is about 91 mph. McDowell shared the front row with Justin Milliken. 

The first of the two races had a clean start. McDowell captured the lead, but Milliken tucked the nose of his car right behind McDowell, waiting for enough momentum to make a pass. Behind the leaders were Rick Smith and Edward Jordan, racing side-by-side for fifth position. 

Milliken began getting anxious and made a clean pass on lap 15. McDowell began to fall back into the field and Smith grabbed second on the last lap. 

The top five cars were inverted for the second race, which gave Jamie Lee and Matt Cox front-row positions. Lee jumped to the lead the first couple laps, but behind him was three-wide racing among Smith, McDowell, and Cox.  

As the race progressed, the cars began to space out and form a single line. Milliken, who started fifth, took the lead on lap six. Terry Evans caught the leading pack and took the third position on lap 19. Milliken won both races and celebrated with a water fight among his crew members in victory lane. Smith clinched the 2010 championship title.

Limited Late Models 2010 champion, Randall Roberts, climbed into a new car on Saturday. Roberts drove the ‘Black Cat’ sponsored by Big-Un’s Auto Sales for many years, but Big-Un’s owner decided to retire early from the season. To build on his points lead, Roberts drove Richard Burgess’ car and won the pole.  

Roberts led the first lap, but Jonathan Lewis was charging behind for the lead. By the halfway point of the race, the field was completely divided into two races. The first group consisted of Lewis, Dal Wright, Hunter Bledsoe and Lucas Williams chasing down Roberts for the lead. 

The second group of cars—Kerry Lawrence, Kevin Barnhill, Brain Vause, Willie Grainger and Brant McMullan—was racing three wide for sixth position. Bledsoe, who sneaked his way from sixth to second, started rubbing fenders with Roberts. 

With only two laps to go, Bledsoe made a clean pass for the lead. The 18-year-old Bledsoe took home his third victory. 

The Mini-Stocks got off to a good start with Harry Floyd leading the first lap. Michael McKinnon tamed his loose race car and picked up the second position early in the race. Dub Fulford may have started at the back, but he sure didn’t stay there long as he worked his way through the field. Adam Fulford, who won the pole, began losing positions, but he got back on the wheel and drove his car home to a solid third-place finish, winning his first Mini-Stock Championship. His father, Dub, won his sixth race of the season.

Street Stocks had a new winner in victory lane. Steve Jones was on target as he won the pole, as well as the race. Jones held off nine-time winner Mark Hale and previous track champion Tommy Poole. Mark Hale might have finished second, but he became the 2010 Street Stock Champion.  

The Bomber series also had a new winner, Eric McKinnon. McKinnon’s competition was Philip Fulwood. Fulwood had a paint scheme of Dale Earnhardt’s No. 3 Wrangler car and finished second. 

During the weekly bike race, 4 year-old Landon Lewis was the first to win the track’s newest bike division, Rookies. Landon is a fourth-generation winner with the Lewis family. His father, Jonathan Lewis, races in the Limited Late Model division. 

Taking home the title of 2010 Young Gun Champ was Adam Fulford, who also swept the last victory of the season. Easton Swan came in a close second with Hudson Hale and Jack Barnhill rounding out the field. 

Brandon Patterson and Christopher Chestnut were the participants in the Hot Rod division. Patterson won his fourth bike race of the season along with the championship.


Whelen All-American Series (Race 1)

1. 02-Justin Milliken,

2. 28-Rick Smith (track champion),

3. 83-Jeremy McDowell;

4. 11-Jamie Lee;

5. 51-Matt Cox;

6. 4-Edward Jordan;

7. 21-Terry Evans;

8. 1-Brent Brinson;

9. 25-Robbie Mew.


Whelen All-American Series (Race 2)

1. 02-Justin Milliken,

2. 11-Jamie Lee;

3. 21-Terry Evans;

4. 28-Rick Smith (track champion); 

5. 51-Matt Cox;

6. 83-Jeremy McDowell;

7. 4-Edward Jordan;

8. 1-Brent Brinson;

9. 25-Robbie Mew.


Limited Late Models 

1. 18-Hunter Bledsoe;

2. 30-Randall Roberts (track champion);

3. 11-Lucas Williams;

4. 08-Johnathan Lewis;

5. 8-Dal Wright;

6. 9-Willie Grainger;

7. 82-Brant McMullan;

8. 15-Kevin Barnhill;

9. 55-Brian Vause;

10 .03-Kerry Lawrence.



1. 72-Dub Fulford;

2. 63-Harry Floyd;

3. 71-Adam Fulford (track champion);

4. 18-Michael McKinnon;

5. 98-Chris Mills;

6. 13-Joey Stevens;

7. 6-Craig Schiel.


Street Stock

1. 05-Steven Jones;

2. 55-Mark Hale (track champion);

3. 3-Thomas Poole;

4. 14-Cameron Herrington.



1. 74-Eric McKinnon;

2. 3-Philip Fulwood.