Addressing the energy crisis

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Now that Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee and John McCain is the Republican nominee, the question is who will step up to the plate and address the energy crises?

Obama used a high-tech political machine driven by 20-and 30-year-olds to dismantle an old guard, 20-year-old Clinton political machine. The question is does he have any high–tech ideas to address America’s energy crises?

McCain was said to be down and out during the early stages of the Republican campaign. He was out of money and did not have the support of the conservative base of the Republican Party, but he prevailed as the Republican nominee.

McClain is an American hero who spent six years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

He will also be confronted with the energy question. Americans are frustrated and concerned about escalating energy prices.

I feel Obama and McCain need to propose realistic energy initiatives that will include drilling and exploration for new energy sources. The government needs to assist the oil industry in an accelerated exploration program to identify new energy sources.

There is a leadership crisis. The future has arrived. It is time for someone to step up to the plate and address our energy needs.

The Chinese and French are light years ahead of America in addressing their energy needs. The Chinese are drilling for oil off the North American coast and throughout Africa. The French receive more than 80 percent of their domestic energy needs from nuclear power. Most European countries have converted to small energy efficient cars.

America has been asleep at the wheel when other industrialized nations have taken serious measures to address their energy needs.

While America has invested more than a trillion dollars in a war that has strengthened OPEC and failed to lower oil and energy prices, other industrialized countries have invested billions of dollars in becoming energy–independent.

I say to Obama and McClain it is about leadership.

You may have to swallow your pride and change your proposed energy initiatives to make America energy independent before there is a major economic collapse.

micheal darby of Supply has master's degrees in divinity and religious education. He is the pastor of New Mount Zion Baptist Church.For more information, visit his Web site at http://bigceousa.org.