America needs sound leadership

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The victory of Huckabee and Obama in Iowa is a signal that America is ready for fresh new ideas.

People have grown tired of the status quo, the old guard who has run Washington in recent years. Many realize the future of our youth has been severely mortgaged and if there are no major changes, they will be denied the benefits enjoyed by past generations.

This not an endorsement of Huckabee or Obama. Both candidates are compelling, charismatic figures who have captured the attention of many Americans.

I agree with both candidates in certain areas but strongly disagree with them in other areas. I admire most of governor Huckabee’s moral conservative views and some of Obama’s moderate social views.

Many would call me a moderate conservative, I agree with most of the conservative moral views but I am not in agreement with the death penalty.

I am against the death penalty because according to the vital statistics issued by the United States Prison system the highest percentage of persons on death row are black, and the highest percentage of persons who have been freed by DNA testing have been black. These findings tell us a lot about our criminal justice system.

It is difficult for me to support the death penalty when the criminal justice system has wrongly convicted so many innocent people in the past. I also think it is hypocritical to be pro-life and pro-death penalty at the same time.

On health care and social welfare issues, I would classify myself as being a compassionate conservative.

Everyone cannot afford a $500 per month insurance policy and there are times when people need a little extra help to meet monthly expenses.

It is my position that if a person is in good health and is able to work they should be required to work to earn health insurance and social welfare benefits. When benefits are simply given without requiring some accountability, it creates a situation where there is no incentive to get out of poverty.

During this election year, I am hoping politicians will embrace a middle of the road approach in addressing challenges faced by our nation.

The best ideas need to be drawn from Republicans, Independents and Democrats if this country is to proceed on a positive path. The next president needs to be a consensus builder who is willing to reach across political lines to find solutions, some of the best and brightest minds are found in each party.

It is hoped the next president will reclaim the moral high ground of truth and integrity. The youth of America need to be exposed to genuine leaders who will explore ways to maintain and keep businesses in America.

The expansion of foreign owned businesses will lead America to become more of a debtor nation than she has already become.

Political leaders who believe in the future of America and have strong moral convictions are needed more than ever.

There is a leadership crisis in America mainly due to the lack of a vision to balance the domestic needs of the people with the national security of the country.

In 1776 when America became a nation, the citizens at that time sought the most honest and capable person to be their leader. The same kind of leadership is needed in 2008.

History teaches us that America responds to sound moral leadership.

The next president of America must implement a plan which will create an environment of sustained economic growth, while at the same time support the constitution by protecting the rights of all American citizens.

Protection from foreign and domestic enemies is also a prime responsibility of the next president.

It is going to take a leader of high moral character, integrity and intelligence to be our next president. Let us pray the right person is elected for the office.

micheal darby of Supply has master's degrees in divinity and religious education. He is the pastor of New Mount Zion Baptist Church. For more information, visit his Web site at http://bigceousa.org.