Amusing and sad

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To the editor:
I had hoped that the congressional hearing Oct. 30 would concentrate on ways to fix “glitches” in the website (Healthcare.gov) for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Unfortunately, some members of Congress spent too much time making “odd” references to the movie, “Wizard of Oz.” It was both amusing and sad that the same politicians who cost this country $24 billion with a government shutdown over the funding of the ACA were now shedding crocodile tears because citizens could not get policies through the federal website.
If they are really serious about improving the health-care law, they should find the courage to advise their cronies in North Carolina and 13 to 21 other states that refused to set up state exchanges and/or expand Medicaid coverage to reconsider the state’s decision. If leadership in Raleigh could find a heart, they would realize that 500,000 citizens could be added to a Medicaid program that is not broken — based upon the recent official audit — and health-care jobs would be created.
Hospital subsidies would increase automatically because of patient treatment rates: Medicare, 91 cents per dollar; Medicaid, 73 cents; and uninsured, 32 cents. If they find a brain, they would realize that the federal government would pay 100 percent of the cost for Medicaid expansion for three years — 90 percent by 2020. North Carolina citizens would then benefit from their federal tax dollars being used to build a successful exchange with low price deals offered by multiple insurance companies.
William Flythe