Animals deserve human kindness

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To the Editor:
It seems that lately when I pick up the Beacon, there is at least one story reporting animal cruelty. What is wrong in Brunswick County?
I have lived here for seven years, and I have seen some horror stories. The way that some neglect and abuse their animals is deplorable.
For instance, why get a dog if all you are going to do is tie him out in the yard?
There is a beautiful dog in my neighborhood whose chain is so short that he walks around in his own excrement. He is tied out there all the time, no matter how hot, stormy or cold it is. He gets very little attention. What a way to exist! I have been told by animal protective services that nothing can be done about it. Food, water, and some kind of shelter are the requirements in Brunswick County.
Why have a cat that is not spayed/neutered who is allowed to procreate several times a year and then expect the county or one of our rescue facilities to take care of the kittens? Don’t they understand that most of these cats are either euthanized or are never found homes?
There are vouchers that can be obtained to pay for the spay/neuter and there is a clinic opening soon just for that purpose. There is no excuse for an animal not to be spayed or neutered.
And what are we teaching our kids about caring for animals? It seems that some neglect/abuse is generational. We must educate our children about the proper care of a pet.
There is great responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Buying that cute puppy or kitten on impulse does not take into account the fact that the pet is going to grow up and need care and attention along the way. This costs time and money, and too many people are owning pets that they cannot afford.
I commend animal protective services for the job it has done over the past year. But individual pet owners need to take responsibility that they give their pet a good home.
Some counties only allow a dog to be tethered for a limited amount of time daily. How I wish we had that law here!
I thought that I would feel better after I got this off my chest. But I don’t. That beautiful dog in my neighborhood is still chained in misery.
I can only hope that this letter changes at least one household who owns a pet that is being neglected or abused.
These animals did not ask to come into the world, and while they are here they need to be cherished.

Debra Krozser