Another festival, another success

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To the editor:
We have just concluded another very successful N.C. 4th of July Festival. With the largest crowds in recent memory, it was both an exciting time and a busy time for all of us. Thanks go out to the many volunteers who serve throughout the year on the festival committee planning and coordinating the various activities and events. Without them, we could not produce the quality festival that we all enjoy.
Thanks also go to all of our corporate partners, without whose financial support the festival could not be staged. A special thank you goes out this year to all of those in the community, individual, family, and small business patriots who responded to our call for support.
To the Southport business community, a very special thank you for your cooperation, support, and enthusiastic participation in this year’s festival. We are also very grateful for the special working partnership with the mayor of Southport and the board of aldermen, and the Oak Island mayor, council and Parks and Recreation Department.
All of our food, and arts and crafts vendors are to be complimented on their quality participation this year. Our first responders kept us all safe and healthy. The Southport Rescue Squad fielded a large number of volunteers available for medical emergencies of any type. We are deeply indebted to Chief Jerry Dove and the men and women of the Southport Police Department for their hard work and long hours.
We are grateful to Sheriff John Ingram and the men, women, and volunteers from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office for their help. A special recognition is also due to the citizens of Southport for their welcoming and warm hospitality.
See you all next year.

Ted Carlsen
N.C. 4th of July
Festival Committee