ATMC awards education grants

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ATMC recently awarded $25,000 in grant funds to 15 educators and community organizations serving Brunswick County students and residents. 

The cooperative honored recipients with a reception on Nov. 9 at ATMC’s corporate headquarters in Shallotte. Representatives from each school talked about the programs for which the grant funds are earmarked and how these grants will positively impact area students. 

Those receiving funding were:

Belville Elementary School (David Everett): Fourth Grade Science is Alive! Uses science kits to instill a greater understanding and appreciation of science.

Supply Elementary School (Susan Carr): Hear Me. Utilizing talking photo albums to give nonverbal a voice and help them to communicate.

Supply Elementary School (Kathie Green): A-B-C Me Learn With the Letter People. Purchase puppets to assist exceptional children in strengthening literacy skills.

Town Creek Elementary School (Latania Edge-McGee): Lifelong Healthy Gators.  Decrease childhood obesity using fitness stations and other physical fitness activity tools.

Union Elementary School (Jada Fimbel) Where on Earth is…? Uses geocaching program to increase science, social studies, communication and math skills through the use of GPS devices.

Cedar Grove Middle School (Laura Hickman): 21st Century Classroom/CPS IR Classpack. Utilizes the CPS clicker system’s technology to encourage class participation, interaction and provide immediate feedback.

Leland Middle School (Meggen Calderwood): Painless Vocabulary Book. Purchase of vocabulary books that will help eighth-graders to improve their writing, reading and testing skills. 

Shallotte Middle School (Holly Borden): Walk for Wellness. Utilizes pedometers to establish baseline cardio-respiratory fitness levels, improve overall health and reinforce state goals for science and math in the area of measurement in real-world activities.

Waccamaw Elementary School (Hilda George): Soaring Eagles Caught Being Good. Program to reward students who exhibit good behavior and are positive role models for their peers.

Brunswick County Academy (Theresa Frame): Reading and Writing on the Go! Engage students through use of laptops and increase reading and writing skills.

North Brunswick High School (Jamie Madren): Math Matters. Establish a math station with visualization software and improve algebra skills.

South Brunswick High School (Sandra Mullins): SAT eReader. Uses digital devices to provide texts encourage communication among students.

West Brunswick High School (Jennifer Creighton-Negron): Audio System for the Little Theatre. Purchase of a sound system for theatrical productions.

West Brunswick High School (Teresa Harmony): iSchool West Brunswick. Utilize refurbished laptops to encourage enrollment of online courses and college credits.

Brunswick Community College (Angela Metts): Real World Connection. Provides laptops for a virtual computer lab and enable students without computer access to complete course work.

Allen Russ, ATMC CEO/general manager, commended the recipients on their efforts to improve education in Brunswick County. “We all remember those teachers who had a lasting impact on us, those who went the extra mile to make a difference in our lives. This room is filled today with such educators, and I thank you for caring about your students and for making education a priority. You are making a difference, one student at a time and we thank you for your dedication to them and this community,” he said.

ATMC began awarding community and education grants in 2006. To date, close to 100 local community organizations and educators have received grants totaling $220,000. ATMC will begin accepting applications for its Community Connections grants in early 2011.