ATMC cable TV to launch golf show

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

ATMC will launch a new cable TV show specifically aimed at golfers and those connected with the golf industry in Brunswick County.

“Tee Time” will be hosted by Al Arrigoni, PGA golf professional and executive director of The First Tee of Brunswick County.

“It all started when we featured The First Tee on the Brunswick Now Show,” said Jennifer Schueler, programming/video production manager at the ATMC studio in Shallotte. “Al Arrigoni, the executive director of The First Tee of Brunswick County, came in and we filmed a segment on The First Tee. It was very well received and Al did a great job of explaining the scope of our local chapter of The First Tee.”

After the segment aired, Al got an idea for a new show.

“We have dozens of golf courses in Brunswick County and many of our citizens live in golf course communities. I wondered if a show built around golf would be something that ATMC would be interested in developing,” he said. “I brought it up at the next public relations team meeting at The First Tee and then ran it past our board of directors. Everyone agreed that it was a great idea, so I made a proposal to ATMC.”

By coincidence, ATMC had just sent out a questionnaire about its cable service and one of the questions was whether viewers in the area might like a local show built around golf.

“We had Al’s proposal, and when we got the survey back, we discovered there was a significant audience for a program about golf,” Jennifer said. “Pat Olsen, our vice president of marketing, thought it was a good idea, and soon we had the approvals to proceed. Because Al is a PGA pro, and works for The First Tee, a nonprofit organization that has a huge following in Brunswick County, he seemed like the perfect host. Al is relaxed and affable on camera. We had already seen that when we filmed the segment for the Brunswick Now Show. We’re filming now and hope to have the first of 12 shows airing in April.”

Kat Newton is a film major at UNCW who is interning at ATMC. She is working as Jennifer’s assistant on the new golf show.

“Tee Time” will have various segments within each show.

Fairway Fashions will be hosted by Kaitlyn Johnston, an LPGA pro and program director of The First Tee. Lori DeSimone, also an LPGA pro and owner of Lori’s Golf Shop in Calabash, will be the fashion consultant.

For the first Fairway Fashions segment, Lori brought some of her staff with her to the ATMC studios. Courtney Bradner (ladies and junior golf fashions), Joan Port (instructor and club fitter), and Candy Fowler (Web master) were all there, eager to help Lori.

“I am really excited about this opportunity to highlight the latest in fashions, equipment and accessories to our golfers,” Lori said. “Each week we’ll talk about what’s new in the world of golf attire and we’ll use real golfers as models. For our first segment, we used Candy Fowler, who modeled a beautiful bright poppy and white outfit from EP Pro with matching accessories and golf bag.”

Kaitlyn is thrilled to be developing Fairway Fashions.

“There are so many topics we can cover: cold weather gear, rain gear, how to stay cool during the summer months,” she said. “We can talk about colors and styles and hats and gloves and jackets. We’ll cover men’s, women’s and children’s golf wear. There’s even golf-themed clothing for infants now.”

A portion of each show will cover fitness and golf. The key expert in this will be Dr. Brian Lank, a chiropractic physician who is also a certified Titleist Medical Professional and Active Release Technique Provider, a program for golfers that develops their maximum fitness and flexibility. Dr. Lank owns Coastal Carolina Chiropractic in Shallotte.

“This is very exciting for me because fitness is such an essential part of golf,” he said. “Becoming flexible and physically fit will help every golfer from teenager to senior citizen to lower their score and enjoy the game more. This program will also be about setting goals and gaining confidence. I’m going to enjoy working with Al for the next 12 months.”

Al is excited about this segment of the show. “I’m a golf professional who has gained weight over the past few years,” he said. “Dr. Lank will be working with me, giving me tips, showing me exercises and stretches and talking about healthy diet and lifestyle. I’m hoping there will be a visible change in my fitness and weight during the next 12 months. The audience will be part of my journey and, hopefully, they will benefit from the lessons I’m learning.”

“Tee Time” will have a roving camera and will periodically leave the studios at ATMC to film important segments at various locations, like tournaments, special events and golf courses. Last month, Arrigoni, Schueler and Newton traveled to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center to visit the Carolinas PGA Trade Show. While there, they conducted interviews with various manufacturers to learn what’s new in the world of golf equipment.

Other planned segments are golf lessons from teaching pros, interviews with golf course superintendents about course maintenance, features on our local courses, informal chats with directors of golf, spotlights on tournament and information on the Rules of Golf. Each week, there will be a short segment on The First Tee of Brunswick County and its participants, volunteers and activities.

I am truly excited about Tee Time coming to ATMC cable TV. Our golfing community will be spotlighted each month. That’s good for tourism, local golfers and everyone in the golf industry here in Brunswick County.

Elsa Bonstein is a golf columnist for the Beacon. Reach her at elanbon@atmc.net.