Beach rentals still a bargain

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: This is a reply to the Gastonia reader’s letter last week about rising rental rates at Holden Beach.

First is my disclaimer: I once rented my beach property at Holden Beach, but I haven't done so in more than 10 years, so I gain no benefit from higher rentals.

Costs of owning beach property have risen dramatically. A vacuum sewer system has been installed for our convenience and the significant cost has been passed on to the homeowners for installation and higher water bills.

A year ago, Brunswick County revalued all real property and most beach owners property had their property taxes double. Holden Beach property taxes also have increase some to cover the cost of bike trails, beach access, beach sand replenishment, fishing pier and a band pavilion for the enjoyment of vacationers and residents alike.

Owners of canal property had a huge assessment for dredging. Federal Flood Insurance rose dramatically, and a 70 percent increase in homeowners insurance has been requested by the insurers to cover hurricane damage liability.

Yes, it does cost a lot more to vacation at Holden Beach these days, but it is still a great bargain. By the way have you priced a vacation at Disney World today or even a trip to a pro baseball game lately?