Beacon, NAACP way off base

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To the editor:
Regarding last week’s editorial, you and the NAACP are way off base. Your cavalier attitude toward assuring the authenticity of votes cast is disturbing.
Jobs and a healthy economy are a mainstay of our society, but honest voting procedures are so basic to a democracy it’s almost criminal for you to diminish its importance.
In the last election near Philadelphia, Pa., in a predominantly black section, about 19,000 votes cast—all for Barack Obama. Not one for Mitt Romney. No red flag. No investigation. No voter ID.
A 2010 Rasmussen Poll showed voter ID support at 82 percent. A study by two universities examining four elections in voter ID states demonstrated no reduction in voter turnout by African-Americans, Hispanics, women or the elderly. In Greene County, Ala., with 80 percent black residents, voter registration increased after voter ID.
Your dismissive comments about voter ID, and the space devoted to the uninformed NAACP position, speaks volumes about bias. The NAACP once helped the black community find its footing in America and fought bigotry. In this century with its unfounded claims, the NAACP has become anachronistic and counterproductive.
Catholics, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, among others, understand nothing will eliminate prejudice. What must be understood is—you earn respect in this country. You don’t demand it. You demand equal opportunity, but you earn respect.
The NAACP must devote its resources to educate its constituents on the importance of family and what it takes to succeed in the American workplace...and stop looking for George Wallace behind every tree.
Gary Halberstadt
Ocean Isle Beach