Bicyclist not very bright

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To the editor:
This past Saturday morning, I was driving to Ocean Isle to set up for the N.C. Oyster Festival. I was on my way out of a shopping center, stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways, saw nothing and began to pull forward as I scanned left. Then I saw the cyclist.
It’s amazing how much your brain can imprint in a millisecond — woman biker, black shorts, black shoes, black helmet, charcoal gray shirt on an all-black, skinny-tired racing bike. Her feet were pumping so fast it would have done no good for her to try to stop. Instead, she expertly swerved in front of me, raised an open palm at my windshield and in an impatient gesture mouthed, “Watch it!”
The swerve hadn’t been necessary; I managed to stop before our paths crossed, just barely.
Lady, I was watching it. If I hadn’t been, you would have been hit. If I had blinked at the wrong time, you would have been hit, and I would not have felt it was my fault.
It is irresponsible for cyclists (walkers, too) to wear colors that blend with their environment. We are sharing the road, and you should be aware that I have the potential to do you great harm. Why not give a motorist the advantage of a few seconds to spot you sooner?
We were both lucky that day. I hope you read this and give more foresight to your racing attire next time you get on your bike.

Jacqueline DeGroot
Sunset Beach