Board of education says it will change course, thankfully

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

What happened to John Floyd should have never happened.

Floyd, a former West Brunswick High School athletics director, reassumed the AD position he had years ago earlier this month. For two weeks, he dutifully fulfilled the role, replacing Marcia Heady who took another position at Shallotte Middle School.

His signed contract needed only to be approved by the board of education at its regularly scheduled meeting Aug.12. But at that meeting, the board chose not to approve the hiring recommendation.


We asked board members. They declined to comment on the record, citing this personnel issue wasn’t privy to open discussion.


The board has now changed course and by consensus allowed Floyd to return to work. According to board chairwoman Shirley Babson, the board intends to approve Floyd’s contract at its meeting next Tuesday saying, “It caused a disruption in the school, and that is not what we are about.”

She is right. The actions of the board of education should not create a disruption in the work being done in the school. But this disruption came as a result of micro-managing and overruling the team that went through the proper process to select the best candidate for this job.

What kind of environment does this create? It cannot be good.

How often does this board step in and deny the recommendation of those charged with hiring? We do not know.

How often is a new hire allowed to start work, pending the approval of the board, only to be told later they were never hired? We do not know.

These are questions deserving of answers.

Our elected board of education members are charged with setting the course for our school system to reach higher levels of achievement. They are to work with the superintendent and her staff to create and implement initiatives to be carried out at each level.

Their job is not to wade through each personnel recommendation and decide which they like and dislike.

Hooray for community members served by West Brunswick High School who stood up and allowed their voices to be heard. We heard from board members many constituents called to support Floyd.

It is good to see people stand together focused on improving our schools. It is too bad the issue ever came up to begin with.

What happened to John Floyd should have never happened and hopefully, now the school board will re-evaluate its employment policies.