Bob Marston makes hole-in-one at Lockwood Folly Country Club

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Bob Marston of Lockwood Folly Country Club, the recent winner of the Golden Boys Sy Schaffler Invitational Golf Tournament, made a hole-in-one Saturday on the 16th hole.

Marston used an 8-iron from 132 yards, and the ball dropped into the hole on the fly.


The Aug. 21 league day play was a blind-partners game, using net scores after the start of play.

First was the team of Vivian Rowe and Cathy Shanley with a 138. Second was the team of Jean Hasty and Pat Baumgartner with a 139. Third was the team of Barbara Karkut Dale Calhoon with a 146. Fourth was a tie between Keith Webb and PegAgrimonti, and Bernice Logan and Peg Campana (149).

Dale Calhoon had a birdie chip-in on No. 8. Birdies were made by Vivian Rowe on No. 2, Barbara Karkut on No. 2 and Irene Dowdy on No. 13. Jean Lakey had birdies on Nos. 2, 8 and 12.



The Men’s Sports Club golf tournament was Aug 19. The game was two best nets on odd-umbered holes, three best nets on even-numbered holes. John McGuirt, Ed Lakey, Jack Blair and Joe Whalen were first (-30). The team of Jim Barrett, Tom Bianco, Ron Jordan and Alan Morrissey tied for second with Tom Edwards, Cal Calhoon, Gus Mast and a blind draw (-28).


Results of the Aug. 20 Elks league at Brierwood: In the A flight, Mike Coleman was first (67). Ed Kerr, Bill Soucy and Al Timczyk were second (69). In the B flight, Bill Wood was first (67) and Fred Ortiz second (71). In the C flight, Jim Filkins was first (67) and Mickey Golden second (68).

Closest to the pins: On No. 3, Al Timczyk, 2 feet. On No. 9, Burch Cretara, 6 feet. On No. 14, Ed Kerr, 14 feet. On No. 17, Ted Olczak, 30 feet.


In the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble Aug. 20, the team of Fran Thomas, Sharon Beavers, Glen Green and Bob Nobes tied for first place at 3-over par with the team of Carola Hornfeck, Deloris Gausch, Odie Johnson and John Beavers. Second place went to the team of Liz Boyer, Tracy West, Ralph Trimmer and Al Butler, while third place went to Marianne Nobes, Marian Johnson, Rita DuGan and Chuck Hornfeck.


On Aug. 11, the winning team in the two best-ball match was Paul Salerno, Tom Kronyak, Bernie Gruzlewski and Odie Johnson (-29). In second at -22 was the team of Bob Nobes, Chuck Hornfeck, Jack Harrison and a blind draw. In third at -19 was the team of Harvey Hundley, Jim Pope, Bob Janovic and a blind draw.

On Aug. 18, the format was one best-ball gross and one best-ball net (not the same ball). In first at even par was the team of Al Ostrager, George Edwards, Jim Pope and Joe Brust. In second at +7 was the team of Bob Nobes, Les Craft, Chuck Hornfeck and a blind draw. In third at +8 was the team of Bernie Gruzlewski, Mike Prokop, Bob Janovic and a blind draw.

On Aug. 21, the format was two best balls. In first at 27-under par was the team of Dave Harper, Chuck Hornfeck, Jim Pope and a blind draw. In second at 24-under par was the team of Harvey Hundley, George Edwards, Bob Sterner and a blind draw. In third at 18-under was the team of Tom Bowen, Larry Russell, Bernie Gruzlewski and Les Craft.

A couples tournament was played Saturday. The format was one best-ball per couple, minus the highest hole. Reggie and Carol Fitz-Gerald were first at 14-under par 58. There was a three-way tie for second at 12-under par 60: Larry and Liz Boyer; Chuck and Carola Hornfeck; Jim and Cheryl Robinson. Wayne and Nancy McGlothlin finished at 9-under 63.


The Brierwood WGA had its Tuesday league on Aug. 19 with 14 participants in a game where even holes were counted, minus one-half handicap, to determine net scores.

Marge Roach and Hilda Hall tied for first in flight A (38). Hall had a birdie on No. 9. Sara McCullough had the fewest putts (30).

Flight B winner was Mickey Salerno with a net score of 40. Sue Janovic scored a net 44. Carolu Waldron had fewest putts (33).

A score of net 40 made Florence Hopkins the winner in flight C. Carol Fitz-Gerald shot a 41 for second place. Shirley Groff and Marge Harper tied for fewest putts (36).


Results of the matches Aug. 18: Flight A: Alcina Davis, 68. Flight B: Renee December, Janet Iekel, Phyllis Tucker, 78. Flight C: Kathy Patrick, 74. Flight D: Celie Cionek, 86. Birdies: Grace Bryne at Dogwood No. 4. Helen Kaehler at Magnolia No. 7.

Chip-ins: Pat Haniquet at Dogwood No. 9, Janet Iekel at Magnolia No. 2.


Results of the Brunswick Ladybirds match Aug. 11 at Lockwood Folly. First flight, low gross: 1. Judy Nicoletti (Carolina Shores) 78; 2. Sandy Hulberg (The Lakes) 80. Low net: 1. Dale Calhoon (Brick Landing) 71; 2. Marie Strickler (Carolina Shores) 72; 2. Keith Webb (Brick Landing) 72. Fewest putts: Phyllis Welch (Carolina Shores) 32 and Sue Durbin (Meadowlands) 32.

Second flight, low gross: 1. Judy Hardin (Meadowlands) 88; 2. Karla Reens (St. James) 90. Low net: 1. Honey Martin (Carolina National) 72; 2. Bobbie Platukis (Lockwood Folly) 73. Fewest putts: Susan Thompson (Lockwood Folly) 31, Barbara Esposito (Lockwood Folly) 31, and Penny Sillery (Carolina National) 31.

Third flight, low gross: 1. Kathy Siciliano (St. James) 93; 2. Nancy Griffin (Meadowlands) 95. Low net: 1. Rochelle Simpson (St. James) 74; 2. Sharon Burns (The Lakes) 75. Fewest putts: Bev Farmaco (Carolina Shores) 30.

Fourth flight, low gross: 1. Janet Iekel (Brunswick Plantation) 104; 2. Sylvia Keegan (St. James) 105. Low net: 1. Barbara Johnson (Brunswick Plantation) 75; 2. Kathy Gustafson (Carolina National) 80; 2. Cindy Northrup (Brierwood) 80. Fewest putts: Gerry Gosselin (Brunswick Plantation) 30.

Fifth flight, low gross: 1. Mary Ward (Lockwood Folly) 107; 2. Karen Entwistle (Carolina National) 110. Low net: 1. Mimi Benson (Carolina National) 77; 2. Lois Godfrey (Carolina National) 78. Fewest putts: Rose Marie Fassbender (Carolina National) 32. Results of the matches Aug. 19 at Ocean Ridge.

First flight, low gross: 1. Dale Calhoun (Brick Landing) 81; 2. Dawn Rubin (Carolina Shores) 84. Low net: 1. Laura Botto (Lockwood Folly) 73; 2. Judy Nicoletti (Carolina Shores) 76: 2. Marie Strickler (Carolina Shores) 76. Fewest putts: Sally Manifold (Carolina Shores) 27.

Second flight, low gross: 1. Michelle Sherwood (Ocean Ridge) 90; 2. Judy Myers (Carolina National) 92. Low net: 1. Judy Hardin (Meadowlands) 74; 2. Janis Ortmeyer (Meadowlands) 78; 2. Nancy Griffin (Oak Island) 78; 2. Bobbi Platukis (Lockwood Folly) 78. Fewest putts: Jan Howard (The Lakes) 34 and Doris McLaughlyn (Ocean Ridge) 34.

Third flight, low gross: 1. Kathy Siciliano (St. James) 96; 2. Susann Thompson (Lockwood Folly) 98. Low net: 1. Rochelle Simpson (St. James) 78; 2. Sue Hobgood (Meadowlands) 82. Fewest putts: Barbara Esposito (Lockwood Folly) 33.

Fourth flight, low gross: 1. Pam Bank (Ocean Ridge) 98; 2. Grace Bradicich (Ocean Ridge) 106. Low net: 1. Mil Crane (Carolina National) 83; 2. Elizabeth Fuller (The Lakes) 84; 2. Diane Lock (Lockwood Folly) 84. Fewest putts: Bev Farmaco (Carolina Shores) 30.

Fifth flight, low gross: 1. Gerri Conroy (Brunswick Plantation) 105; 2. Jane Boyce (The Lakes) 106; 2. Wanda Kraswiewicz (Brunswick Plantation) 106. Low net: 1. Blanche Maxwell (St. James) 79; 2. Ellen Lyons (Lockwood Folly) 84; 2. Judith McCormack (St. James) 84. Fewest putts: Lynn Wiedman (Sea Trail) 30.

Sixth flight, low gross: 1. Cathy Genander (Carolina National) 112; 2. Gwen Fitzgerald (Ocean Ridge) 117. Low net: 1. Jean Rentch (St. James) 86; 2. Carrie Wilson (Brunswick Plantation) 87. Fewest putts: Gerry Gosselin (Brunswick Plantation) 31.

Seventh flight, low gross: Maggie Holcomb (Carolina National) 108; 1. Sandy Donovan (St. James) 108; 2. Rose Marie Fassbender (Carolina National) 111. Low net: 1. Mimi Benson (Carolina National) 78; 2. Karen Entwistle (Carolina National) 79; 2. Mary Ward (Lockwood Folly) 79. Fewest putts: Dottie Russo (Carolina Shores) 31 and Barbara Griffin (Meadowlands) 31.

Eighth flight, low gross: 1. Bonnie Johnson (Meadowlands) 115; 2. Diane Lucarelli (Brunswick Plantation) 119; 2. Pat Wahl (St. James) 119. Low Net: 1. Rita Dugan (Briarwood) 83; 2. Pat Steele (Carolina National) 88. Fewest putts: Evelyn Claus (Brunswick Plantation) 31.


The Calabashers played Aug. 22 at Crown Park and used a Stableford format. The winning team was Tom Nally, Rod Rodriguez and Bill Miller. Its score was +4 1/2. Low gross of day was Rod Rodriguez, with 88.


Results of the match Aug. 19 at Brierwood: Low gross, flight A: 1. Mark Segar, 81; 2. Bill Allen, 84; 3. Ron Doeblin, 85. Low gross, flight B: 1. Pat Perryman, 91; 2. Pete McGerr and Ralph Phillips, 93; 4. Dennis Sullivan, 95.

Low net, flight B: 1. Mark Segar, 65; 2. Ron Doeblin and Bill Allen, 68; 4. Tom Ditzler, 71. Low net, flight B: 1. Ralph Phillips, 64, 2. Pat Perryman, 65; 3. Dennis Sullivan, 69.

Closest to the pin on No. 14 in the flight A was Bruce Kertcher. In flight B it was Jim Burke. Fewest putts: Mark Segar and Ron Doeblin, 27; Dick Wilson and Steve White, 28; Bill Allen and Dennis Sullivan, 31.


Results of the men’s match Aug. 22 at Carolina Shores: The format was two net scores on even holes and three net scores on odd holes, with four net scores on holes nine and 18.

First: Joe Farmarco, Tony Sneska, Ron Buck and John Kain. Second: Jay Leskowicz, Arnie Northrop, Paul Wurthrich and Bob Fyock. Third: Dan Roberts, Clyde Juergens, Gary Hertling and Joe Fioravanti. Low gross: George Balbach. Low net: Gary Hertling.

Closest to the pin: Dan Roberts at No. 3 and No. 12, George Balbach at No. 12 and Arnie Northrop at No. 17. Skins: Art Hahl, Gary Hertling, Joe Fioravanti, George Balbach, Mike Devereux and Jay Leskowicz.


The Meadowlands Men Association played a modified Stableford match Aug. 19 at Farmstead. Front-nine winners: Paul Hourigan, Rick Ellwagner, Bill Cleaver, and Bob Rangel at +3. Bill Blewitt, Bill Southarp, Ken Dube and Larry Robinson were second at +2. On the back nine, Adam Peters, Bill Favro, Dick Cecil and Russ Thompson were first at +10.5. Paul Hourigan, Rick Ellwanger, Bill Cleaver and Bob Rangel were second at +5. Overall winners were a tie between Adam Peters, Bill Favro, Dick Cecil and Russ Thompson and Paul Hourigan, Rick Ellwagner, Bill Cleaver and Bob Rangel at +8.

Flights: A, Bill Blewitt at +7; B, Bill Favro at +3; C, Bill Cleavor at +4.5; D, Ron Mayo at +7. Superflight winners were Bill Blewitt and Ron Mayo at +7.


The team of Nick Samela, Dick Pearce, Rich Reinecke and Alex Olmsted won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament Aug. 21 at Farmstead Golf Course with a score of 156. The format was two low nets on even holes and three low nets on odd holes. Second with a 157 was the team of Ernie Weeks, Bob Lange, Ray O’Donnell and John McCloy. Third at 159 were Bill Favro, Don Clark, Angelo Bertolozzi and Carl Price. Fourth at 165 were Bob Flack, Jack Gorman, Ernie Schober and Bill Kasper. Closest-to-the-pin winners were Ernie Schober at No. 3, Nick Samela at No. 6, Ernie Weeks at No. 12 and Bill Favro at No. 17.


Results of the Lockwood Folly Ladies Day golf tournament Aug. 21: The format was get-to-the-point. In first was Trish Benardo (60). Laura Botto was second (56) and Gerry Brewer third (54).

Sheila Schrieber birdied No. 17. Chip-ins: Laura Botto, Mary Fonte and Kathy Spinoso at No. 6; Mary Ward at No. 10; Barbara Esposito at No. 13.


The Meadowlands Missfits played Aug. 11 at Farmstead Golf Course. First flight: 1. Anna Hackathorn, 62; Pat Hamrick, 66; Linda Bye, 70; Linda Blewitt, 71. Second flight: Thelma Albreht, 75; Mary Griffin, 75; Bonnie Johnson, 76; Barbara Sammons, 77.

Birdies: Mary Jane LaBant, No. 6; Penny Crawford, No. 6. Chip-Ins: Keety Fitzpatrick, No. 16. Sue Hobgood, No. 10.


The format Aug. 18 at Lion’s Paw was one designated gross score plus two net scores per hole. First: Roger Buck, Joe Coffini, Clyde Crowl and a blind draw (+6). Second: Rich Scaler, Norm Fitzgerald, Carl Schuster and a blind draw (+9). Third: Bernie Powers, Bill Johnston, Earl Miller and Emil Gnam (+10). Fourth: Joe James, George Cassidy, Ted Pounds and Bob Ludman (+11). On Aug. 19, at Grande Dunes, the format was flighted individual net score. Flight A: 1. Bill Johnston (68); 2. Al Keegan (69); 3. Mel Scott and Joe James (71). Flight B: 1. Ed Gruver (67), 2. Bob Simon (70), 3. John Bradley, Bob Dugan and George Woodard (71). Flight C: 1. Roger Mitchell (59), 2. Dick Jania (67), 3. Lou Stamboni (69), 4. Bob Theiss, (71). Flight D: 1. Carl Schuster (64), 2. Fred Thorne (69), 3. Brian Roe, Milt Bailey, Kurt Lindstrom (70).

On Aug. 20 at Tiger’s Eye, Stableford was the format. First: Frank McGrath, Chappy Jones, Craig VanHorn and Carl Schuster (40). Second: Mike Clodfelter, Wally Milnichuk, Greg Kent and Mike Ratchford (37, match of cards). Third: Joe James, John Olio, John Pugh and Brian Roe (37, match of cards). Fourth: Greg Lipscomb, Wayne Underhill, Pete Williams and Clyde Crowl (33). Fifth: Al Keegan, Bill Johnston, Norm Fitzgerald and Mike Hetrick (30). Sixth: George Brooks, Wilbur Browning, Frank Burianek and Don Rowland (29).


The format Aug. 19 was point quota. Subtract your handicap from 50 to get your point quota. Eagles are eight points, birdies five, par three, bogey one. Record your points for the game score. Player closest to or over her quota will win.

Sand to Piper results: First, Mary Ard, +15. There was a three-way tie for second at +8 among Joanne Clements, Bonnie Whitaker and Sonja Zeoli. In fifth was Donna Phelps at +7. Tying for sixth at +6 were Deanna Donnelly and Candy Jones.

Bay to Sand results: First, Joyce Westcott, +11. Second, Ginny Stout, +9. Third, Ann Pollock, +7. Fourth, Claire O’Brien, +5. There was a tie for fifth at +2 between Loretta Delamere and Joanne Orendorf

Birdies: Joyce Westcott at Sand No. 8. Loretta Delamere at Sand No. 8. Diane Rauch at Bay No. 3. Joanne Clements at Piper No. 6 and Piper No. 8. Bonnie Whitaker at Sand No. 6. Lynn Hamlin at Sand No. 2. Mary Ard at Piper No. 6. Chip-ins: Candy Jones at Sand No. 4 and Keety Fitzpatrick at Sand No. 3.


The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association played Aug. 18 at Lion’s Paw. Teams of four counted one low net on odd-numbered holed and two low nets on even-numbered holes. First: Michelle Sherwood, Linda Johnston, Judy Keegan and Liz Waldron (-17, net 93). Second: Sue Kane, Anita Clodfelter, Judy Keegan (the blind draw) and Dorothy Bahnick (-16, winning by a match of cards.) Erma Krahl had birdie at No. 11 and Sue Kane had a birdie at No. 6.

Michelle Sherwood had the low gross (87) and Sue Kane had the low net (68).

On Aug. 20, the LGA played at Tiger’s Eye. The format was fewest putts per team. First: Marie Pugh, Becky Williams, Peggy Jones and Linda Buck (the blind draw), 148 putts. Second: Betty Coffini, Sally Duffy, Liz Waldron and Linda Buck, 149 putts. Third: Nance Stamboni, Grace Bradicich, Doris McLaughlin and Carol Wakefield, 150 putts. Patty Dugan had a birdie on No. 1 and Diane Wright had a birdie on No. 12.

The LGA played Aug. 19 at The Grande Dunes Resort Course. Teams of four counted two low nets on each hole. First: Karen McCloskey, Ginny Alger, Joan Higinbotham and Becky Williams (-25, winning by a match of cards). Second: Dusty Burianek, Toni Roe, Marie Pugh and Val Ratchord. Third: Sally Duffy, Frankie Neal, Nance Stamboni and Vickie Powers (-16). Fourth: Linda Johnston, Lorraine Crosby, Pat Ronay and Carol Wakefield (-11). Joan Higinbotham was closest to the pin at No. 11. Birdies: Mary Hankes at No. 8, Sally Duffy at No. 5, Karen McCloskey at No. 7. Chip-ins: Linda Buck at No. 18.


The format for the Renegades at Carolina Shores Golf Course was throw out two holes on the front nine and two holes on the back nine, using one-half handicap. Game winners were Kathy Hahl, with a net 54, followed by Donna Watkins, with a 55, and Kay Craig, with a 60. Low gross was captured by Donna Watkins with a 98 by a match of cards with Kathy Hahl. In third was Barbara Malina, with a 106. On a match of cards and in a tie for low net with 72s were Kay Craig, Jane Jordan and Kathy Hahl. Kathy Harniman had a chip-in on No. 9 and Kay Craig had fewest putts (28).



Dick Polonski, Scotty Mac Bean, Tony Sneska and Ron Buck won the Al Graham Stableford tourney last week with a score of +3. Second place went to Arnie Northrop, Rich Hamilton, Bob Fyock and Paul Jordan (+1). Third place went to Buddy Broadnax, Don Errickson, Bill Teschler and Ernie Schober (-2). Joe Fioravanti, Bill Harniman, Sandy Howard and Paul Wuthrich were fourth (-4).

In the skins game, Rich Hamilton had three, George Balbach two, Northrop and Don Rose one each.