Bravo, John Kinlaw

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Bravo, John Kinlaw for standing tall and tough in the face of adversity with the bullying tactics of San Rio developers, Wakefield Coastal.

In your position as an elected Shallotte alderman, thank you for standing your ground for the good of Brunswick County, and all of its property owners and residents.

I was recently showing a lovely golf and riverfront town home in Rivers Edge, which is directly across the Shallotte River and marsh from San Rio. Even though a good distance separates these two communities, my client and I could clearly see the tremendous expanse of waterfront clear cutting at San Rio, which has left the land void of anything green.

It sticks out like an ugly, sore thumb.

To leave this huge expanse of waterfront land devoid of anything except dirt and sand, even for a day, let alone months, is a travesty.

Wakefield’s vice president Jim Wiseman was quoted in the Beacon Aug. 14 saying, “We’re constantly subjected to issues that have nothing to do with the facts.”

The facts are that San Rio installed sewer lines in the community without first obtaining the proper permits and having proper governmental supervision and sign-off of this installation.

The ability to distinguish between real and apparent dangers is fundamental to good judgment, and the people (this includes developers) who don’t possess it are seriously handicapped.

The CEO and president of Wakefield should be concerned that Wiseman doesn’t seem to have a clue. It is apparent he does not care that Wakefield’s stripping of everything green from the water’s edge has, and will continue to cause, severe run-off and silting of our pristine and very sensitive fish, crab, clam, oyster and shrimp nursery.

Even our elementary school-age children know this.

Shallotte and the surrounding are were built up from commerce created in, on and around the river. Ships used to sail up the Shallotte River into Shallotte bringing supplies and picking them up.

There is a higher authority on the water. A government more powerful than the one on land, a parliament of winds, a congress of tides, and we, the residents of Brunswick County, and our founding fathers knew that we should ally ourselves with those forces of nature if we want to survive.

Wake up, Wakefield, and smell the salt air.

Green up, Wakefield, show us you really care and protect our most vital of coastal resources and salt-water estuary nurseries or else the Shallotte aldermen are going to take their gloves off.