Brunswick County native committed to helping and sharing gospel with prisoners

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

SHALLOTTE—Joyce Gause of Shallotte has finally realized a near lifelong dream.

The IRS recently approved her prison ministry, Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, to operate as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

Since her call to prison ministry more than 12 years ago, Gause has prayed with, counseled, clothed and fed hundreds of inmates and former convicts, all from the goodness of heart and pocketbook.

Her weekly visits to prisons and jails keep her nights and weekends busy. Currently, she preaches to and counsels inmates in Brunswick, Columbus, Cumberland and Montgomery counties. She also works with at-risk students and troubled youth offenders, helping to reshape their lives into a positive, crime-free lifestyle.

As the executive director of Evangelistic Outreach Ministries (EOM), Gause has a seven-member board that helps her guide the organization toward fulfillment of their mission and goals.

Operating not as a church but solely as a nondenominational Christian prison ministry, Gause is passionate about preaching the inspired word of God to those who are incarcerated.

She says no matter what one’s crime, he or she can be transformed by renewing of the mind and saved by the power of Jesus Christ.

Some of the free services and products Gause and her team of dedicated crusaders offer inmates and former inmates are: counseling and encouragement, Bible study, job search and housing assistance, clothing, Bibles and Christian literature.

By helping those who have been or who are currently incarcerated get their spiritual lives in line, Gause says she believes this will help her clients lead productive lives and turn away from a dark world of crime.

For more information about EOM, contact them at joyce.gause@yahoo.com or evangelisticoutreachministry@yahoo.com or call 540-4305.