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The Brunswick County Board of Education is estimating a $5.8 budget shortfall for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Freyja Cahill, executive finance officer, said with $2.5 million taken from fund balance, the district is left to eliminate $3.3 million from its already tight budget. What do you think needs to be done in order to meet the shortfall?

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Trusty for managing the

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Hi this is Gayber from, an

Hi this is Gayber from, an HVAC Training specialist in chicago. I heard that Brunswick County Schools missed marks in the AdvanceEd accreditation report because of leadership. Where do you think the fault lies and what should be done to correct it.

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Education is the most

Education is the most important thing in our life and we must support it. It is really sad to read such news about budget cuts on education and so on. There don't have to be any cuts on education, it's better to cut a budget in other places. Now the situation is so difficult that you can't even find any cna programs in michigan for free. Everywhere you have to pay for the knowledge. It is really sad. Let's hope that the situation will get better in the future.

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It's crazy! If we go on in

It's crazy! If we go on in this rhythm we'll reach a dead end, this is the last thing our education system needs right now. I am on my way of getting my curriculum and instruction masters degree, I had my share of financial challenges along the way but I got through. I wonder though about the other thousands of students with great potential, who supports them? Supporting our schools means supporting our future.

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I wouldn't know where to

I wouldn't know where to start... I think the first things that needs to be done is for us all to be aware of the budget cuts and cooperate and understand that only together we can go through this. It's a tough time for teachers and students and they should work together to get the best of this situation. I've recently graduated from my masters in public administration, I hope I'll do better than that when I get my chance to decide o budget cuts.