Brunswick County Sheriff's Office crime report

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports:

•Larceny on Crabapple Road; suspect stole a washer, dryer and two air conditioning units from victim’s residence.

•Breaking and entering, larceny and property damage on Wood Treatment Road in Leland; suspect cut locks on victim’s trailer and stole a torch kit and a saw.

•Larceny on Shoreline Drive SW in Supply; suspect stole victim’s water pump.

•Simple assault on Oakland Drive in Ocean Isle Beach; suspect hit victim in the face and chest.

•Breaking and entering and property damage on Highland Street SW in Shallotte; suspect pried open victim’s door, damaging it.

•Property damage and fire investigation on Spruce Street in Ocean Isle Beach; suspect burned shrubs in front of victim’s house, damaging the shrubs and vinyl siding on the victim’s house.

•Breaking and entering, property damage and larceny on Beach Drive in Ocean Isle Beach; suspect entered victim’s home and stole various items.

•Breaking and entering and larceny on Black Bear Run SW in Supply; suspect broke the glass out of victim’s back door.

•Property damage on Inland Drive in Sunset Beach; suspect broke out victim’s windows.

•Larceny on River Road in Leland; suspect stole a glass table, a PlayStation and a set of fireplace tools from victim’s home.

•Larceny on Water Oak Court in Shallotte; suspect stole victim’s registration tag from vehicle.

•Larceny on Sea Pines Drive in Southport; suspect stole tire and rims from victim’s camper.

•Larceny on Shade Tree Lane in Supply; suspect stole victim’s cinder blocks.

•Harassing phone calls and misuse of 911 on Pigott Road in Shallotte; suspect phoned in false calls to 911 dispatch center and fire department.

•Property damage and assault on Farm Crest Court in Calabash; suspect damaged victim’s door and assaulted victim.

•Breaking and entering and property damage on Ocean Highway in Ocean Isle Beach; suspect pried open rear door and damaged items inside victim’s business.

•Property damage, first-degree burglary and assault on Sea Wind Court in Supply; suspect entered victim’s residence and damaged the door.

•Larceny on Mount Pisgah Road in Supply; suspect stole victim’s vehicle from residence.

•Larceny on Green Lewis Road; suspect stole meter from power pole behind victim’s home.

•Breaking and entering and larceny on Summerlea Circle in Bolivia; suspect opened victim’s pump house and stole a water softener.

•Larceny on Long Beach Road in Southport; suspect stole two cases of beer, fireworks, pork and steaks from victim’s business.

•Property damage on Babson Road in Ash; suspect damaged victim’s home.