Brunswick County will likely still be a fast-growing community

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Although Brunswick County has given up its previously held positions as the 14th and then the 17th fastest growing county in America, it’s likely it won’t be long until the boom returns.

Although the speed of Brunswick County’s growth may have slowed, people are still relocating to this community, and growth is likely to be a trend Brunswick County will long have to embrace.

Now ranked as the 28th fastest growing county in the country, and the third fastest growing county in North Carolina, the community is likely to see a turnaround when the economy, and particularly the real estate market, rebounds.

As a destination location, Brunswick County will continue to lure people here from all over the country. Those looking for a break from harsher weather, and those wanting a safe place to retire, will likely relocate to the community in patterns previously seen here.

That means now is not the time for government officials to rest; planning for growth will continue to be a vital part of Brunswick County’s future.

As government officials and elected representatives look at budget cutbacks in attempts to band-aid bleeding and depleting financial funds, it is key they reflect on that when growth returns, we must be ready to deal with the headaches and bumps that come along with it.

Brunswick County Schools are wondering what to do now it faces revenue cutbacks. As it looks to cut possible positions and programs, it is imperative officials guiding this process don’t make cuts now that will be difficult, if not impossible, to recover from later.

The same is true for county government. In this belt-tightening era, it’s wise to trim the fat, but do so cautiously. What will the county’s reserve fund look like in five or 10 years from now or longer? Will there be enough planning and foresight now to ensure the community will have adequate infrastructure in place to deal with a growing community?

And how will needs be met in the future without having to significantly increase taxes?

These questions must be on the minds of all elected officials during these difficult times and in the future.