Buck political muck

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To the editor:
Sunset Beach Concerned Citizens announced the cancellation of a community meeting with the town council.
A citizen wrote to the Brunswick County Board of Elections complaining taxpayer funds would be used, it was political in nature, and only incumbents would be on the panel. It went on to say the BOE informed council they should consult their own attorney, who advised against the meeting. Also mentioned was a councilman who explored having town staff, not elected officials, answer questions at the meeting.
Then, we read this question from Sunset Beach Concerned Citizens: “Why is this risk-averse council who won’t fill a pothole or investigate alternate means for beach safety so willing to go over the wall over a public meeting? Our guess? Ego and arrogance, and it would have been a fine opportunity for the incumbents to get votes.”
Who authored the question, a group or an individual? Do all who participate in the group condone personal insults directed at those serving their community?
Whether we agree with the policies of council, they were elected to serve the community and devote untold hours in doing so. All have the right to question or disagree with the policies, but absent evidence of wrongdoing, their reputations should be respected.
As a taxpaying citizen, I will listen to this group regarding facts, not juvenile and personal attacks on my neighbors. If the organization wants to wallow in political muck, they need not “announce” it to me.

Will Hardman
Sunset Beach