Buy locally

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To the editor:
My husband and I recently realized the extraordinary benefits of patronizing local businesses.
After our stove failed, and with a long list of family and friends about to descend to visit us, we quickly understood we had a logistical nightmare to deal with. It seemed we not only needed a new stove, but we would require a granite cutter, gas company installers and an electrician on site almost simultaneously. To our immense relief, Crossroads Appliance, Carolina Creations, R.D. White Oil Co. and Roy, the electrician, all worked together to make it happen.
Buying and supporting the local economy is good for everyone involved. These are our neighbors and friends who provide honest, caring service to their customers.
Thanks to Ed and Michael at Crossroads, Debbie and Mike at Carolina Creations, Mike and Craig at R.D. White and Roy for the outstanding work they coordinated for us. Now I’m “cookin’ with gas” and electricity, all because some dedicated people went out of their way to make it happen.

Anne Bailey