This is Calabash?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Citizens of Calabash, is this how you want your community represented?

First, the men and women you elected for Calabash Board of Commissioners ignored town hiring policy and hired a person—for its lead administrative position—without doing any educational, work experience or criminal background checks.

After being alerted to the results of this blunder, including possible falsehoods in Jeremy Cribb’s resume and a long list of criminal charges in his past, commissioners declined to fire him. Instead, they extended his probationary period another 90 days and gave him the opportunity to resubmit a “true and accurate” resume.

The idea any employer would keep someone on after knowing an applicant falsified a resume more than confuses us; it’s something we absolutely cannot comprehend.

After a new resume was submitted, it was clear Cribb did not have any of the requirements set forth in the town’s “Town Administrator General Statement of Duties.” Did that get him fired? No. Instead, commissioners are getting really good at making excuses for their poorly thought-out actions.

This board is not representing the best interests of Calabash or its constituents. Board members are making long lists of reasons why everything they have done is OK.

Calabash Board of Commissioners, the decisions you’ve made are not OK.

You failed to follow your own hiring policy.

You failed to hire someone who met requirements set forth in your town administrator’s job description.

You failed to fire Cribb after knowing he said he had experience he did not have.

You ignored other honest, potential job candidates for one who has no experience at all.

Your actions tell people the person running your town needs no experience, no education, and it’s OK to be dishonest.

Your behavior is a big nose-thumbing at Calabash citizens. Apparently, you think you don’t have to follow pre-established policies, even though those policies are in place to protect your residents and taxpayers.

Commissioners, are you really comfortable giving Cribb a “second chance” when you know that no less than a year ago, when he submitted a resume to you, it wasn’t true and honest? Are you really willing to stand behind that decision at the expense of the people of Calabash?

Calabash citizens, are these commissioners the people you want representing your community? Do you think they’re doing their best for you?

Late Tuesday afternoon, the town announced there will be a closed session at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 23, at Calabash Town Hall. According to the meeting notice, the closed session will be to further discuss the probationary period for the town administrator.

After the closed session, the town may take action in open session regarding personnel information discussed during the closed session meeting.

Citizens, now is the time to let your opinion be heard. Contact your elected officials and let them know what you think.

Mayor Anthony Clemmons, 751 Persimmon Road, Calabash, NC 28467; 579-6765; bascon@atmc.net; term expires: Dec. 1, 2011.

Mayor Pro Tem Forrest King; 1062 River Road, Calabash, NC 28467; 579-2093; forrestking@atmc.net; term expires: Dec. 1, 2011.

Commissioner Cecelia Herman; 403 Deer Path SW, Calabash, NC 28467; 575-5836; ceil1021@atmc.net; term expires 2009.

Commissioner Emily DiStasio; 495 Planter Place, Calabash, NC 28467; 575-3290; emily495@atmc.net; term expires 2009.

Commissioner William (Bill) Dixon; 1142 Charlotte Ave., Calabash, NC 28467; 579-6365; grannyallyn’s2003@yahoo.com; term expires 2009.

Commissioner John Melahn; 1192 Carlyle St., Sunset Beach, NC 28468; 579-9881; jfmelahn@atmc.net; term Expires: Dec. 1, 2011.

Commissioners Distasio, Dixon and Herman are up for re-election this November. Are they representing you the way you want to be represented? Is this really Calabash?