Calabash Seafood Hut named ‘best’ by Coastal Living Magazine

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Coastal Living Magazine has picked Calabash Seafood Hut as having the best seafood on the East Coast in this month’s magazine.

“I think the long lines out on the benches speak for itself,” Calabash Mayor Anthony Clemmons said. “It’s the hottest little spot in Calabash.”

Calabash Seafood Hut is a small restaurant—it can only seat about 65 people in the dining area—but that has not stopped customers from waiting outside.

“I liked it,” Kelsey Carlyle, a former employee of the Hut said. “The people were very friendly, and it was like a family there. We always had fun at work whether we were busy or slow.”

Calabash Seafood Hut is a part of Calabash history. Virgil Coleman opened the restaurant’s doors in 1961. Then it was called “Calabash Drive-in,” where they served hamburgers and seafood at curbside.

Today, the restaurant is still in family hands. Coleman’s daughters, Marilyn Howarth and her sister Gail Russ run the restaurant. The family has no plans to expand it, they say.

“No, not ever,” Howarth said. “We started out the way we are. If we expand, it won’t be the Seafood Hut anymore.”

Other magazines and newspapers have praised Calabash Seafood Hut for its food and services.

Recently, Coastal Living Magazine named it Best Pick on the East Coast for its shrimp, scallop, fish and clam chowder.

“We try our best to use only local vendors,” Howarth said. The most popular items on the menu are flounder and shrimp.

“We don’t know customers by name,” Howarth said, “we know them by what they eat.”

Cathy Altman, President/CEO of the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce, calls the pick “a great honor,” and believes this will help boost Calabash’s economy.

For more information on Calabash Seafood Hut, call 579-6723.