Calabash UDO response

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

In response to commissioner Distasio’s letter last week, I need to clear up a few comments.

There is no doubt by now who thinks they run this town. The evidence is clear enough. Let it be known commissioners Emily Distasio, Cecelia Hennan and John Melahn think they run this town.

With a 3-2 vote on every issue, they thought they could just push this UDO on us and we would just accept it and not do anything. Well, surprise, surprise: We are fighting back.

Herman held a seat on the planning board in 2006 and worked along with Melahn who also held a seat. Now Distasio admits she worked with them and Holland Consultants to make this UDO work. Guess what?

Herman and Melahn moved on one month later to hold commissioner’s seats to vote on the very UDO they

tabled. Now is that a vested interest or what?

I challenge everyone to look at the Southport UDO on the Web and look at the proposed Calabash UDO on the Web. Guess what? They are a lot alike, and Southport is still changing theirs some five years later.

Calabash does not fit this proposed UDO and we do not need it in its original format. It will end Calabash as we know it without the proper changes. We are our own town and can work this to suit our town’s needs.

Let me remind Commissioner Destasio about her final comment last week. In her letter, she made the comment: “Where was everyone who is complaining now when the work first started on the UDO?”

Well, you guys kept it a big secret just like everything else you three do. It is out now and you are not going to get away with it so easy.

Let me remind you, Commissioner Distasio, all those people you speak about are taxpayers like me. You were voted up there to represent us. If you don’t understand that by now, you and your two partners need to get off of the board and let someone who knows how to serve the town move on with it.

If you don’t, we will see come November.

Donald Hege (Calabash taxpayer)