Can you hear Darwin?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: If you are one who believes in evolution you should listen to Darwin calling out from the grave saying, “my theory is not true.”

He says, “I told you if it could be demonstrated any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive, slight modifications, my (Darwin’s) theory would absolutely break down.”ee(Darwin in The Origin of Species 6th edition)

When Darwin wrote that he was convinced the simple cell was simple. Since the advent of molecular biology and the discovery of DNA, we know the simple cell is highly complex, and we believe something that complex could not have arisen by chance-driven slight modifications.

Professor Michael Behe of Lehigh University, Penn., recently wrote a book called “Darwin’s Black Box” in which he demonstrates complex biological systems could not be formed by numerous modifications and such systems are termed “irreducibly complex.”

Biological systems, from individual cells to whole ecosystems, abound with irreducible complexity.

At the end of Michael Denton’s book “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” he says “.....everywhere we look, to whatever depth we look, we find an elegance and ingenuity of absolutely transcending quality, which so mitigates against chance.”

“(The instructions within the DNA of a single cell) if written out would fill a thousand 600 page books. Each cell is a world brimming with as many as two hundred trillion tiny groups of atoms called molecules. Our 46 (human) chromosome ‘threads’ linked together would measure more than six feet. Yet the (cell) nucleus that contains them is less than four ten-thousandths of an inch in diameter,” said Rick Gore in “The Awesome Worlds within a Cell” in National Geographic.

Today our students are taught evolution is a fact. No other views are tolerated.

The information below was taken from a comment by Paul Taylor on the book “Wired For Much More Than Sound“ by Dr G. Howard Glicksman, M.D., “The human body reveals many highly complex systems that are interrelated in highly complex ways, at the molecular level, defying any attempt to explain them within the framework of numerous, successive, slight modifications. The signature of our Creator is indelibly inscribed upon us by the supreme intelligence evidenced in this design, with everything finely tuned and interrelated at the molecular level and engineered to allow all the activities necessary for normal living.”

This insult to objective science will exist as long leaders are hostile toward God