Carolina Shores board acted properly

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To the editor:

Say it ain’t so: We have yet another disgruntled ex-commissioner from the community of Carolina Shores. Sure didn’t take long for this one to turn to the dark side, especially since she was party to so many positive changes in the town during her tenure.

First of all, it was suggested the town notify the sheriff’s office of the expected crowd at town hall for the June 17 meeting. I’m sure you are aware of our parking situation and the lack of parking spaces. The deputy was there for safety only. He in no way interacted at the meeting with the residents. He did not enter the chambers when the audience became rude and couldn’t follow simple direction. Thanks for assuming the worst.

As far as no public input being allowed, that was my decision and I stand by it. The notice sent out specifically said no comments would be allowed, so the public should not have been surprised or upset. The board had more than enough information and public input from previous meetings and emails to move forward with whatever it deemed necessary.

The board decided that short of closing the entire dump, any changes made in personnel or hours of operation would be deemed an operational decision. The board did exactly what it was asked to do. Anytime a town can save $10,000 to $15,000 from the budget, I’m all for it.

Will people be affected? Some.

Will they get over it? That’s up to the individual.


Walter B. Goodenough

Carolina Shores mayor