Carolina Shores is at it again

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: When we moved to the town of Calabash in 1996, we were introduced to an ongoing battle between the commissioners representing Calabash and the commissioners representing the subdivision of Carolina Shores, which was then within the town of Calabash.

From what we read and heard, it boiled down to several issues, including the feeling of Calabash resident commissioners that the Carolina Shores commissioners felt they had the correct answers, mental superiority and many issues were being forced upon them.

Both sides, we were told, were sorely lacking in the ability to exercise reason or desire to seek a common ground. The result was Calabash divorced Carolina Shores.

Recent published and verbal reports reflect the Carolina Shores commissioners are at it again. Unable to deal with issues in a mature manner, the childish bickering has once again surfaced. A highly qualified and well-respected building inspector was dismissed or forced to resign; the elected mayor was censured, one commissioner resigned and the bickering and in-fighting goes on and on.

The remaining commissioners might consider not pointing fingers at someone else and seek group counsel or professional meditation. If such recognition of their own short-comings and the need for reasonable, cooperative and sensitive decision making does not occur, then perhaps the next election may be the time for the residents to exercise the common sense and sensitivity so severely lacking in the current board of commissioners and censure them at the ballot box.