Causes of the economic dilemma

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

People with poor credit and creditors making poor credit decisions have caused our economic dilemma.

We with good credit are paying the price. What you need to do is refinance the houses of the top 25 percent of the credit market (especially those on fixed incomes) and lower their mortgage rate by 1 percent for free.

We deserve a break, being we are the ones having to pay for everyone else’s poor credit and poor credit decisions.

Currently, we cannot obtain a “refi” due to no available comps, which is a complete joke. It’s just another example of poking the side of those with good credit. This would shore up the economy and put more buying power in the hands of those who will more reasonably use and apply it.

If this bothers your intelligence, I am sorry I insulted it. At least, I hope I found some of it by the wayside. If you want bright ideas, plant light bulbs in your backyard. If you plant something upside down, it will grow twice as fast and turn into an inverted pyramid. Can’t believe that I said that. Some of you may remember that who have heard it before.

James Thomas Horn