Center should be centrally located

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I have kept quiet up until now, but seeing it in the Brunswick County tax budget has made me want to speak up.

Whose idea was it to build a Brunswick County senior center in Southport?

What percentage of Brunswick County’s seniors live in the Southport area? Whatever that percentage, they are the seniors with the most revenue available. How many of the other seniors in the county can afford the gas to go to Southport to take advantage of a senior center?

I just think a center more centrally located where the entire county could access it easily would have been a more prudent use of our county tax dollars.

Did the towns of Shallotte, Calabash, Ocean Isle Beach, etc., have any say in this matter? Sure, they may have their own meager senior centers, but are they funded by county tax dollars? Can non-residents of those towns use them?