Changes needed in Sunset Beach

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To the editor:
If you have ever attended a Sunset Beach Town Council meeting (I have) or read about them in the Beacon, you will conclude civility stops at the door.
Last week’s Beacon reported that at the council meeting, a board member told the mayor to “shut up.” Another told him he was thick, and a third kept pounding on the dais, while another told him to give up his gavel. If the word “skinned” had followed thick, perhaps the insult could have been translated to a complaint.
No publically elected official should be subjected to such abuse. Perhaps council behavior is the result of arrogance, ignorance or both. Regardless, their actions were inappropriate.
There soon will be an opportunity to make some sorely needed changes. Please vote all the council incumbents out in the upcoming election.

James E. Merkel
Sunset Beach