Christian-based recovery center seeks funds for long-term plans

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By Sam Hickman

 The Brunswick Christian Recovery Center is in need of funds for short-term and long-term plans, CEO Larry Shreve said.

BCRC has been given 28 acres to be used for a new, larger facility. Its current facilities are rented and not suitable for expansion, Shreve said.

Shreve said the short-term goals are to continue to meet the budget and immediate needs.

“Right now we’re looking for money to operate on. We’re looking for people to help us,” he said. “We always need people to get involved, mentors for these young men. We need people to help these young men find jobs when they graduate.”

Shreve said the long-term goal for the recovery center is to raise $100,000 to start developing plans for building on the 28 acres that were donated to the facility.

“I estimated $100,000 as the amount we’d need to start building,” Shreve said. “That includes the design work, architectural fees, engineering fees, all of that.”

Shreve said he turns away several applicants a day because the resources are not available.

“I’ve had three calls this morning from people needing help and wanting to come. It’s a daily thing turning people down who want to come get help,” he said. “From statistics, I’ve determined there are roughly 6,000 drug addicts in Brunswick County. There’s a father, mother, brother, sister, kids who are affected when someone’s on drugs.

“It affects so many people. We have an epidemic in Brunswick County because of drugs. There’s tens of thousands of people around living this nightmare.”

The facility opened in 2010, helping those struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol at no cost. The results were remarkable.

More than 50 people entered the program in 2011 alone. Twenty-seven were baptized by July.

“Our goal is for residents to not only get sober, but saved also,” Shreve said.

Faith is the foundation, and it is combined with a 12-step recovery plan. The program is designed to help residents sustain a drug-free life and become responsible citizens.

The center consists of a fellowship hall, a church, and a five-bedroom house in Ash. The facility is for men, but the goal is to build a larger center on the donated 28 acres in another part of Ash that will have space for women, as well.

A typical day a BCRC begins at 6:30 a.m. Residents participate in Bible study, 12-step studies, and afternoon meetings at various locations throughout the county.

Shreve said he recently graduated a resident who was a “career criminal.”

“He’d been in prison seven different times, and he’s been clean for 13 months and has a full-time job now,” Shreve said. “We have some awesome stories of guys who have absolutely turned their lives around.”

BCRC was born from several board members who spent the last few years helping others with addiction find a Christian-based recovery facility. BCRC includes board members from churches across the community who have worked together for the past three years to bring BCRC to fruition.

“We want people to know there is help and hope,” Shreve said. “I believe from experience God can take addiction away, but the devil is always there to tempt.”


Sam Hickman is a staff writer for the Beacon. Reach him at 754-6890 or shickman@brunswickbeacon.com.