Climate in crisis

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To the editor:
If you’ve noticed a lot of strange weather these days, you’re not alone. We had extreme droughts, massive floods and large wildfires throughout the country. This July was the all-time hottest month on record for the United States.
Despite the reality of climate change and the dirty weather that comes with it, our leaders aren’t stepping up to solve this problem. It’s not an accident that deniers have spent unprecedented amounts of money to mislead and confuse us about the severity of the climate crisis.
We need a global conversation about the crisis we face and the urgent need for solutions. So it’s welcome news that The Climate Reality Project and Al Gore will host a global webcast on Nov. 14 called “24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report.” Anyone can RSVP at www.climaterealityproject.org. Hope everyone can join us.
Richard Hilderman, Ph.D.
Climate Reality Leadership Corps
Sunset Beach