Concerned about county salaries

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I am concerned about unequal treatment of Brunswick County employees.

I understand a “select few” are receiving a significant pay raise, while other employees have been informed merits would be held to the mid-range this year even if their manager had recommended a higher merit.

Mr. Sue made the comment that the county manager may know something about the employee that his manager doesn’t know and is in a better position to judge the employee’s merit.

Mr. Sue has said he was tired of people sending e-mails and letters without signing their names and that they were cowards. Well, I’m tired of Mr. Sue. It is my belief he is arrogant and a bully.

Why would an employee risk their job by signing their name when they know they may be subject to reprisals? Mr. Sue seems to get huffy over the least little opposition, and if I were an employee, I would not sign my name, either.

The employee’s pay is substandard while the “select few” are overpaid. Employees are paying more for gas, food and higher costs for a new insurance plan.

They deserve a pay raise, and I recommend a 5 percent across-the-board raise in addition to their merit.

The county can dip into the fund balance this year to make up for the pay raise given to the “select few.”

I hope Mr. Sue will realize other county employees besides the “select few” deserve a decent wage and to be treated fairly.