Congratulations to elected officials

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Congratulations to Joyce Dunn and Walter Goodenough for the resounding victory as our two new Carolina Shores town commissioners.

Congratulations to all the communities of Carolina Shores that came together and voted loud and clear that we wanted to be heard. It took many individuals long hours and hard work and a lot of shoe leather for Joyce and Walter to do an outstanding job of hitting the pavement with a clear message of integrity, credibility, transparency and respect. In addition, the “yes” vote, also overwhelming, to return to our mayor/council form of government, further communicated the necessity for our voices to be heard.

The Concerned Citizens of Carolina Shores (all who worked so diligently) did an outstanding job and how proud we are to be part of this grassroots organization that was borne out of a profound and imperative need to feel that, we, the people of Carolina Shores, are important and matter.

The contentious discord that prevailed in our town government will now hopefully come to an end and become a memory. I look forward to future meetings of our mayor/council form of government with anticipation and a new outlook for our town where participation by the people is welcomed by one and all.

The thing is, by our mere existence, we all do matter.