Congress has lost touch

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I am writing to address some situations that have had a negative effect on my ability to reason objectively. It seems Congress has lost touch with those whom they are sworn to represent. To bring them back into focus, I would suggest the following actions:

Members of Congress should be furloughed without pay or benefits at the same ratio of unemployment that now exists. That would mean, presently, about seven senators and somewhere between 25-30 members of the House.

This furlough should be done in a reverse seniority, older members first, since they have been around longer and are more responsible for the current poor government.

As an elder senior citizen, I am tired of hearing on television the current cost of a funeral is $6,000, but the government only provides $255 toward that cost. At that rate, only 5 percent of me can afford burial.

Suppose we ask funeral directors of our nation to install a “bury one, get one free” sale, like the food markets. I am sure a $6,000 funeral would be nice, but the $255 from Social Security would surely cover the tipping fees at the landfill.

My last item, I am sure you will be happy to hear, is the total lack of respect for the law.

We hear of politicians and those in high places who disregard income tax laws. We are plagued with reports of sex abuse scandals and the use of political office to obtain bribes and favors.

Our sports idols are being exposed as liars and drug users. The medical profession is involved in, if not criminal then moral crimes.

Please explain how a doctor can implant additional lives into a mother of six, without a husband, no job and a debt of $40,000? Perhaps the 52 doctors can pay the $1 million cost. Now the poor woman is asking for donations to assist her family.

Perhaps they can ask for donations for me, then perhaps I can afford that $6,000 burial.