Congressman responds to editorial

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A recent editorial regarding the newly established Veterans Outreach clinic in Brunswick County clearly forgot the famous words from the beloved Thanksgiving song that says “Count your blessings; name them one-by-one.”

Indeed, let’s count our blessings and the victories for our veterans:

1) Brunswick County veterans were turned down twice by the VA until our petition was granted in 2004. After several bureaucratic and budgetary delays, our veterans’ concerns were finally heard by the VA in our summit on April 7 in Supply.

2) Brunswick County veterans are the beneficiaries of the largest budget in VA history that has passed and this will allow more services to our veterans. We have brought the reality of this home.

3) After being on the verge of having the VA slam the door on any possibility of helping our veterans’ locally, the Brunswick County veterans now have a health clinic locally that will address their primary care needs. The clinic will be open for up to three days a week with the opportunity to grow in response to the demand for services. This is a significant first step in providing health services locally to our veterans.

4) Brunswick County veterans will now have telemedicine capability into their homes.

5) Brunswick County veterans will now have access to a super regional [Wilmington] clinic that provides enhanced access, including specialty care, ancillary diagnostics, cardiology, laboratory, mental health, optometry and a full service VA pharmacy.

6) With the proximity of the new super regional clinic, there will be the possibility of having medical specialist come to the Brunswick Clinic on a regular or as needed basis.

7) Brunswick County veterans will now have transportation available to the super regional clinic in Wilmington.

8) Brunswick County veterans will now have transportation available to the Fayetteville VA Medical Center.

In these tough economic times, we count our blessings, we give thanks to our veterans, and we never stop working for them as they have done so much for us. I will continue to do that and never settle for anything less. Our veterans have earned and deserve any and every benefit we can offer them.

Rep. Mike McIntyre
Member of Congress