Convention reflects ‘transformation’

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To the editor:
What more proof do you need that the Democrats and their leader President Obama want to “fundamentally transform” America?
At their convention in Charlotte last week, they removed the last reference of God from the party platform and removed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
They received such public flack they forced it back in the next day with a fraudulent voice vote.
It was clear at least half of the delegates wanted to keep God and Jerusalem out of the platform. To add insult to injury, they then lied about the vote being forced. The criminal left-wing media went along with all of this outright lying.
Finally, the most frightening element of the convention was the video that kicked off the whole event with the theme, “Government is the one thing we all belong to.”
No, liberals, bless your hearts, the government belongs to us.
Read the founding documents. Why transform our great country? There are plenty of places you can go live where government and dictators are the substitute for God. Cuba, Venezuela and Communist China come to mind. I’ll even buy you a one-way ticket.
Ginny Quaglia
Ocean Isle Beach