Cost-savings measures good step forward

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Brunswick County officials have made a sound financial decision regarding accessibility of employee payroll and related information.
Instead of firing up the photocopier and turning on printers while burning through boxes of paper, officials have moved employee payroll information to the Internet.
Through a secure and password-protected site, county employees can now sign online—at any time at their convenience—to review pay stubs, tax forms, pay dates, vacation and sick leave amounts and more.
The project cost the county $31,000, but it will quickly return that—and ultimately save the county more. It is estimated the move will save $10,000 a year as well as significantly eliminate paper waste.
There are not only benefits for the taxpayers who fund county operations, but also for county employees who will have immediate electronic access to their payroll information. Should they choose or need to, employees can even print up to 80 previous check stubs—an amount that should be more than ample for most citizens.
Employees who don’t use direct deposit and who still choose to receive a printed check will continue to have that option.
We appreciate county officials looking for ways to streamline services and ultimately save government and taxpayers money.
Good work.