Councilwoman should clarify

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To the editor:
I have never owned property in Jaguar’s Lair, but I am a long-term tax paying resident of Sunset Beach.
It was truly alarming to read your Jan. 10 article about Jaguar’s Lair and the interview with a town councilwoman.
In the interview, town councilwoman Karen Joseph stated an agreement with Coastal Communities establishes “a mutually agreed upon completion date for all work in Section 1 no later than Dec.1, 2013.” This much is true.
Later Joseph also states, “Most important of all, however, is the fact that numerous property owners may now obtain building permits knowing that Section 1 will be complete by the end of the year.”
Wow! Is the town promising this work will be done? Will the town be liable if there is no completion by Dec. 31, 2013?
Has the town set itself up for potential lawsuits by property owners who got permits based on published statements made by a town councilwoman?
Lawsuit potential or not, there should be some clarification from Joseph as to, at what can best be viewed, her unnecessary and misleading remarks she made as a representative of the town of Sunset Beach.
Debbie Tuttle
Sunset Beach