County drivers ignore basic safety feature, state law

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To the editor:

In the interests of public service, I’d like to point out an apparent omission from the Brunswick County edition of the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles driving manual. There is, behind the steering wheel on the left-hand side of the steering column, a lever called a “turn signal indicator.” When depressed, it causes lights to flash, front and rear, on the left of the vehicle; when pushed upward, the same thing happens on the right side.

The reasoning behind these functions is to alert drivers behind and in front that you intend to make a turn. The state requires these signals in the interest of public safety and as a matter of common courtesy. So, even if you have none of the latter, it is still mandatory by way of the former.

This apparent omission has become obvious to me after several years of driving in Brunswick County, along with determining the other chief concerns, including how high off the ground can I get my pickup truck and how many different colored halogen headlights can I get on the front of it regardless of the glare it causes traffic coming toward me.


Michael Jones