County employee payroll information now available online

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By Brian Slattery

Brunswick County employees will find their employment information online beginning Nov. 29.

During the Nov. 19 county meeting, finance director Ann Hardy presented commissioners with a preview of services that will be available on the Brunswick County website, www.brunsco.net.

The $31,000 project was approved as part of funding for professional services in October 2009. Moving information online is expected to save the county $10,000 a year on costs for printed material, including 1,000 monthly pay stubs and an annual W2 form.

“We will add a Brunswick County online button to the bottom right of the website,” Hardy said.

Employees will set up a secure password that must be reset every 90 days.

The employee website will provide payroll information, next payday dates, forms to set up or change direct deposit information, tracking for earned and used leave—for sick leave, vacations and comp time.

“Employees can look at their leave and track what they’ve earned, which will show their current balance of hours, or check what they’ve used. They can see what they’ve taken going back eight years,” Hardy said.

Hardy said employees will be able to view and print as many as 80 previous check stubs.

“If (an employee) is getting a mortgage, the banks often want (at least) three stubs.

All employee tax information including W2s, withholdings and exemptions will be reviewable.

“If they are going to do financing or financial planning, all their W2s back to 2010 will be available,” Hardy said.

All information on the page will be reviewable and printable for each employee, but the site is not yet configured to fill out or change information online.

About a third of the funds, $10,000, remains but will be spent on phase 2 of the project, making the online information interactive. 

“It’s not happening yet, but it will be interactive; they can change or add to direct deposit or exemptions all online.”

“Are there any employees who will not be able to access it?” county board chairman Bill Sue asked.

Hardy said there are a few employees who still receive a printed check.

Hardy said she will provide a demonstration of the new employee page for any department that requests one, and there will also be an instructional video on the new site.

“You are moving us into the cyber age,” Sue said.


Brian Slattery is a staff writer for The Brunswick Beacon. Reach him at 754-6890 or bslattery@brunswickbeacon.com.