County to fund Maple Road improvements after flooding strands residents

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By Renee Sloan, Page Designer/Staff Writer

Residents living on Maple Road in Ash will receive assistance from the county for road repairs.

Scippio Creek, which flowed under Maple Road, flooded when the county received heavy rains in June that washed out the road. 

At its July 1 meeting, the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners approved a budget amendment to repair the washed-out portion of the road.

Maple Road is located in the Russtown Farms subdivision just off Russtown Road. It is not state-maintained.

Operation services reported the road washout to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) because it posed a public safety threat and stated the county’s need to make repairs to the road.

“EMS staff reported approximately 15 homes that have had access cut off due to the road wash out. These residents do not have another road accessible to or from their homes and cannot be reached by normal means,” operation services director Stephanie Lewis wrote in an action agenda item addressed to Brunswick County Manager Ann Hardy.

According to the agenda item, prior approval from ACE is not required in emergency situations.

The project would involve replacing two to three 18-inch pipes with two 36-inch pipes to allow for drainage on the roadway.

Lewis said the pipes that were in place were old. The new, larger pipes would help handle the extra water and, hopefully, prevent the road from washing out in the future, she said.

“We are not in the road drainage business,” said Phil Norris, chairman of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners. “We are looking after citizens. In the past, we’ve made emergency repairs for acts of nature. We do them case-by-case; there’s no precedent.”

Operation services estimated $8,000 for the cost of materials and $6,000 for the cost of equipment and labor, for a project total of $14,000. Because the cost of equipment and labor was covered in the operating budget, the county only needed to approve a budget amendment to cover the cost of materials.

“The main thing is public safety. If we had to go in now, it would be a swift water rescue, which would cost more than the repair,” county manager Ann Hardy said.

Commissioners unanimously approved the budget amendment.

The work was completed about two days after commissioners approved the budget amendment.

Renee Sloan is a staff writer at the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or rsloan@brunswickbeacon.com.