County will need to tackle countywide recycling issue

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In a smart fiscal move, the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners has decided to hold off on a possible countywide curbside recycling initiative until next year.

In light of the slow economy and knowing the county has already had to retighten its belt because of budget constraints, this was a wise decision for this fiscal year.However, as Brunswick County continues to grow and its options for traditional landfill locations dwindle, it only makes sense that in the near future officials will have to tackle this endeavor.

It is not only something required because of limited landfill space, but also because all of us need to think about greener waste alternatives and promoting proper, efficient disposal alternatives.We understand this will be a costly prospect. In the interim, we hope county officials will spend a lot of time engaging in dialogue with residents about what they want for county services. Is curbside the way to go or can residents benefit as well from more convenient recycling centers throughout Brunswick County?

Also, county officials are going to have to work closely with the area’s municipalities, some of which already offer recycling services to residents. The last thing that should happen is a repeat or overlap of taxpayer services.

And residents will need to understand that for this to be a viable service, it will likely require new fees for Brunswick Countians. We are hopeful the county will do everything it can to ensure, if implemented, the lowest possible fee is incurred, especially noting many residents themselves are finding it hard to make ends meet in this economy.

In the coming months, let your county commissioners know what you think about countywide recycling alternatives. You can reach your elected representative by calling 253-2017 or e-mailing commissioners@brunsco.net. A list of commissioners can be found online at www.brunsco.net.