Couple celebrates 69th wedding anniversary

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 On June 2, Julian and Geraldine “Jerry” Musselwhite Odom of Sunset Harbor celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. In 1945, Julian was serving in the U.S. Navy at Wilmington Naval Base after being assigned to Fort Caswell Naval Base Submarine Patrol and Geraldine had just finished high school. Twenty-four days after their wedding, his ship and crew were sent to Hawaii. To this day, she still teases him about going on a honeymoon to Hawaii without her.

After working with two different railroads as a clerk and then a freight agent, he retired in1983 as vice president and general manager of the Cape Fear Rail Way at Fort Bragg. Afterward, he worked as accountant for the New South River Baptist Association.

Jerry has always been involved in volunteer work, teaching others various arts and crafts. The couple spent a year in Ghana, Africa, while she taught sewing at the ladies prison and to the wives of Ghana seminary students.

The couple has four daughters — Ella Maugans, Rhonda Amato, Julia Rzonka and Edna Perkins — six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Among those congratulating them on their long and successful marriage were President Barack and first lady Michelle Obama.