Crime report

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports.

•Breaking and entering to an auto, larceny of a firearm and property damage on Mount Zion Church Road in Ash.

•Breaking and entering and larceny on Pine Bur Circle in Sunset Beach; suspect broke into victim’s shed and stole a tool set and a box with nails and screws.

•Counterfeit money on Sabbath Home Road in Supply; suspect attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a local business.

•Burglary on Nursery Road in Ocean Isle Beach; suspect entered victim’s home and stole money and a debit card.

•Vandalism on Spring View Circle in Leland; suspect egged victim’s car and put bologna all over the car in victim’s driveway.

•Larceny on Blackwell Road in Belville; suspect took a stereo system and 20 CDs from victim’s car.

•Larceny on Physicians Drive in Supply; suspect stole a candy machine from a business.

•Larceny and obtaining property by false pretenses on Blue Banks Loop Road in Leland; suspect stole two crates of tomatoes from a business and sold them to another business.

•Larceny of copper and property damage on Andrews Street in Supply; suspect broke open victim’s air conditioning unit and stole copper wiring.

•Larceny on Lott Street SW in Supply; suspect removed vehicle from victim’s residence, money and a registration plate.

•Property damage on Merrywood Drive in Leland; suspect spray-painted victim’s residence and poured paint on victim’s fence and vehicle.

•Breaking and entering to a motor vehicle and larceny of a firearm on Homes Drive in Supply.

•Property damage on Crocker Drive in Calabash; suspect broke victim’s mailbox.

•Breaking and entering and assault on Flagship Avenue in Southport; suspect entered victim’s residence and assaulted victim.

•Breaking and entering to a vehicle and larceny on Hillcrest Road SW in Supply; suspect stole a CD face and an ignition interlock device from victim’s vehicle.