Curious man saw signs in person

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To the editor:
Apparently, some people cannot read the signs posted on the attendant booth at the Sunset Beach Pier parking lot. I have read several letters to the editor complaining of persons being booted. So I decided to make a trip over to the beach to see for myself.
There is a very large 4-foot-by-8-foot sign in front of the pay booth, wider than the pay booth itself with large bold letters: “Paid Parking Only.”
Parking is $7 per day, not $5. The sign also states: “Parking tag or ticket must be displayed while in lot; booting of tires with $50 removal fee and towing is enforced.” There is another sign mounted on the pay booth in bright yellow with red letters: “If No Attendant Pay At Pier.”
Next, the lady who booted your car was just doing her job. Since the pier is leased, paid parking helps pay the lease. Parking without paying is like stealing from the pier or any other business that requires payment. Signs are for us to read and follow. Hopefully you will next time.
Lanny Richberg