DeGroot letter was rude, wrong

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

I would like to weigh in on the attitude of Jaqueline DeGroot over the letter she wrote regarding the state and countys seriousness of [the investigation into] Ronald Hewett.

I dont know Mr. Hewett personally or professionally, but I am a citizen of Brunswick County, a true southern belle, and I am speaking from experience as my grandfather was a sheriff deputy one rank below sheriff status for 32 years for Lee County. My mom retired from the department of corrections.

First off, I think DeGroot is ignorant to the fact people are people and even prisoners have rights. Her letter was rude to the people of Brunswick County.

Mr. Hewett might be a great man, but someone knows something or this wouldnt be happening. For her to say that person should be ashamed, that is terrible.

Elected officials dont have the right to make inmates to do personal things. And as far as Im concerned the Christmas card (stamp) thing, well DeGroot thats how things start small and people get braver. Before you know it, its thousands or worse.

Lets be real here, Im from Richmond County where the late R.W. Goodman was sheriff for 40 yearslongest sheriff in history of North Carolina.

Its time for a change, and if you read the Beacon it always has something about corrupt officers, like this week officer arraigned or Shallotte officers allegedly assault a woman, or inmate dies at Brunswick County Jail.

There are an awful lot of coincidences in the county or maybe a lot of corruption. Maybe she wouldnt care if they painted his house, but I do.

As far as he deserving anything, thats outrageous. DeGroot acts as if Mr. Hewett had done us favors by serving as sheriff, but that is a privilege, and he knew when he became sheriff he would miss church and family dinners, and weekends looking for lost children and drug busts

And with the Nifong case and Maria Lauterback case, I would rather he be investigated and come out clean or dirty, just so people know. Im sure glad Jesus died for our sins and DeGroot is not our judge and jury.

Get over it, DeGroot. Maybe if Hewett is charged, he can go clean their road and yard, and you can help him.